Research Agenda

PASCN Research Agenda 2010-2014:

1.   Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation

       ▪   Regional Economic Integration/Free trade Area    in APEC (FTAAP)
       ▪   Bogor Goals
       ▪   Services/Labor Mobility Issues
       ▪   Regional Integration and Less Developed Countries
       ▪   Rules of Origin
       ▪   Comparative Analysis and Impact of FTAs
       ▪   Support to WTO
       ▪   Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs)

2.   Economic and Technical Cooperation

       ▪  HRD, Education
       ▪  Enhancing Physical Connectivity
       ▪  Public Private Partnership

3.   Merging Issues

      ▪  Climate Change
      ▪  Human Security (Counter Terrorism, Food Security, Health Security)

PASCN Research Agenda 2005-2009:

     1.    Regional Trading Arrangements / Free Trade Agreements
     2.    Enhancing Human Security
     3.    Addressing Issues on Trade and Environment
     4.    A more defined role for ICT in pursuing   development
     5.    Human Capacity Building
     6.    Key APEC Issues (Renewed Commitment to Bogor Goals, Midterm Stocktake, Sharing the Benefits of a
            Knowledge Based Economy, Transparency and Good Governance.)