Research Program

The research program of the Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN) shall promote the conduct of studies which will be utilized in promoting a better understanding of APEC and the Asia-Pacific economies and in guiding the government in determining its position vis-à-vis specific concerns on the three pillars of APEC, namely (1) trade and investment liberalization; (2) trade and investment facilitation; and (3) economic and technical cooperation.


The studies will be policy-oriented with emphasis on the interests of the country.  Results of studies shall be made available to the government, NGOs, educational and research institutions, business community and the public in general through conferences, seminars, workshops, roundtable discussions and publications.


Research Grant Application Guidelines:


1) Who May Apply? Experts and scholars who are affiliated with the PASCN member institutions will be prioritized.


2) Preparation of Research Proposals.  The prospective proponents shall prepare and submit to the PASCN Secretariat research proposal covering the proposed study.


The proposal shall have three parts.  The first part presents summary information on the project:


▪           Project title

▪           Name and address of the proponent

▪           Brief description of the project

▪           Total project cost

▪           Time frame


The second part provides a detailed technical description of the project.  Its contents include:


▪           Objectives of the project

▪           Significance of the project

▪           Survey of past and current research on the subject area

▪           Methodology

▪           Conceptual framework of the study

▪           Sources of data

▪           Analytical methodologies and tools


The third part presents the work and financial plan of the project.  This section discusses the following:


To guide the proponent in the preparation of the proposal, please refer to this document: PASCN Research Proposal Template.  We highly encourage the proponents to use this form and submit together with a cover letter.


3) Approval/Non-approval of Research Proposals PASCN Steering Committee shall, on the basis of the recommendations of the Review, Evaluation and Dissemination Committee, approve or disapprove the research proposals for funding by the PASCN. 


The PASCN Secretariat shall then send a letter, signed by the Chair of the Steering Committee, informing the proponent of the approval or disapproval of his/her proposal.  If the proposal is approved, the PASCN Secretariat will also prepare the necessary documents and contracts for implementing the project.  If the proposal requires revision, the PASCN Secretariat shall ask the proponent to make the necessary revisions and finalize the proposal for the review of the Steering Committee.


Please refer to this document PASCN Research Proposal Review for guidance.


4) Maximum Grant. The Secretariat could fund a maximum of 400,000PhP per proposal (please see PASCN Research Proposal Template for more information).


5) Reminders. The PASCN Secretariat release a call for papers every first quarter of the year. Please wait for the official email or posting on the website. This year, the research theme focuses on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).


6) Submission. All applications may be submitted to: 

Dr. Francis Mark A. Quimba

Project Director
Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN) Secretariat
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.