The research program of the PASCN focuses on studies that will be utilized in promoting a better understanding of APEC and the Asia-Pacific economies and in guiding the country's position vis-a-vis specific concerns on the three pillars of APEC, namely:

  • Trade and Investment Liberalization;
  • Trade and Investment Facilitation; and
  • Economic and Technical Cooperation.


The studies will be interdisciplinary and policy-oriented with emphasis on the interests of the Philippines.


Research Grant Program

The PASCN Research Grant Program aims to fund the proposed studies of experts from its member institutions under the theme idendified by the Secretariat and Steering Committee for the year. Proponent/s may receive a maximum of 400,000Php in total for a study that will be benefit the Philippines and the region. For more information, please click HERE.


Thesis and Dissertation Assistance Program

The Thesis and Dissertation Assistance Program aims to extend financial assistance to graduate students of PASCN members in the writing and production of their thesis or dissertation on APEC-related issues. The program is open only to graduate students who have already completed all the academic requirements for a Masters or PhD degree, except for the thesis or dissertation. For more information, please click HERE.


Information Dissemination and Publication Program

Publications, conferences, seminars, workshops and round-table discussions are to be undertaken to disseminated the results of APEC-related studies and information. PASCN shall also set up an electronic network linked to other APEC Study Centers in the region to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information on a wider scale. 


Technical Assistance Program

The PASCN shall provide government agencies and private organizations with technical assistance in preparation for APEC-related meetings and conferences and on matters related to APEC.