Nature/Objective of the PASCN-TDAP

The Thesis and Dissertation Assistance Program of the Philippine APEC Study Center Network is a financial assistance grant to graduate students of the member institutions of the PASCN. It aims to extend financial support for the writing and production of the graduate students' thesis or dissertation.

The program is open only to graduate students who have already completed all their academic requirements for a masteral or PhD degree, except for the thesis and dissertation. Graduate students who are required to do a "special problem research" instead of a thesis or dissertation will be given special consideration.


Who May Apply?

All graduate students from the member-institutions of the PASCN who are preparing to do their thesis or dissertation may apply. Graduate students from non-PASCN members may also apply and submit PASCN members may also apply and submit thesis/dissertation proposals but priority will be given to graduate students of PASCN member-institutions.

Priority Topics/Areas of Concern

Topics for the thesis/dissertation proposals may fall under any topic of interest to the Asia-Pacific. Priority, however, will be given to research topics covering:

  • trade and investment liberalization and facilitation
  • small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • human resource development
  • economic and technical cooperation
  • science and technology
  • infrastructure and regional development
  • sub-regional arrangements

Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals

The following constitute the set of criteria to be used in evaluating the proposals:

  • relevance of proposed research to national or regional development;
  • contribution of research to a better understanding of the APEC; and
  • compliance with generally accepted standards for thesis and dissertation.

Terms and Conditions of the Grant

  1. Amount of financial assistance. An amount of up to P50,000 will be extended for the preparation of a masteral thesis while an amount of up to P100,000 will be provided for a PhD dissertation. The final amount, however, will be determined by the PASCN Thesis Grants Committee, depending on the topic and nature of the proposal.
  2. Other Benefits. Besides the financial assistance, the successful applicant or grantee may also enjoy free access to all the available databases covering the Asia-Pacific at the PASCN Secretariat which include among others, trade data, social statistics, financial statistics, food and agricultural data as well, financial statistics, food and agricultural data as well as world economic indicators. The expertise provided by the members of the Thesis Grants Committee in their review and evaluation of the proposals may likewise be considered as free technical assistance given to the grantee.
  3. Timeframe for Completion. The masteral thesis should be completed within a period of one (1) year while the dissertation must be finished within two (2) years from the date of approval of the grant.

Request for an extension may be approved, if justified, on a case-to-case basis. The period of extension, should not, however, exceed one year. Neither should the request for extension involve a request for additional funding.

  1. Disbursements and Usage of Grants. The financial grant shall be spent only to defray actual expenses incurred in the writing and production of the thesis/dissertation. This includes data gathering as well as payment for enumerators/interviewers and encoders, supplies and materials, computer time, transportation, typing and binding services.

No part of the grant shall be spent for salaries, honoraria, allowances and the like in any form for the grantee, adviser, consultant or similar person (s).

The schedule of releases of the grant will be as follows:

  • First release (25 percent) - upon approval of the application by the Steering Committee based on the recommendation of the Thesis Grants Committee;
  • Second release (25 percent) - upon completion of the conceptual framework together with the certification of the adviser;
  • Third release (25 percent) - upon submission of the study's preliminary results; and
  • Fourth and final release (25 percent) - upon submission of the two (2) bound copies of the completed thesis or dissertation to the PASCN Secret to the PASCN Secretariat.
  1. Obligations of the Grantees. Under the grant agreement, the grantee's obligations include the following:
  1. Submission of a written status/progress report once every semester following the PASCN-TDAP format (please refer to the PASCN Secretariat for a copy of the format);
  2. Submission, in writing, of any change in the grantee's research schedule;
  3. Acknowledgement of the PASCN financial assistance in the grantees research study;
  4. Submission of compact disks (CDs) or DVDs containing data used in the study to the PASCN Secretariat and grant of permission to the PASCN to make use of such data with the appropriate acknowledgement of the source(s).
  5. Submission of two (2) bound copies of the completed thesis/dissertation, together with an abstract of the study; and
  6. Submission to the PASCN Secretariat of all the required outputs corresponding to the amount(s) already released if and when the grantee is unable, for some reasons or another, to complete his or her studyer, to complete his or her study.
  1. Contract of Agreement. A contract outlining all the above terms and conditions shall be entered into by and between the grantee and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (as lead agency of the PASCN) represented by its President. The Dean of the grantee's Graduate School as well as the grantee's adviser/supervisor shall be witnesses to the contract.

Failure to comply with the conditions of the grant shall render the grantee ineligible for further grants. Said provision will remain until such time that the grantee is able to complete all the requirements of the contract.

Dean of Graduate School of the applicants' institution as well as his supervisor. Said letter(s) should also include what other grants the applicants may be receiving or is expected to receive from other institutions/agencies; Application Requirements

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Application letter addressed to the PASCN Secretariat;
  • Endorsement letters
  • Copy of approved thesis/dissertation proposal, following the PASCN-TDAP;
  • Format, as well as the certification of approval by the department chair or thesis adviser;
  • Transcript of records of graduate studies;
  • Budget proposal; and
  • Work program/schedule.

All applications may be submitted to:

The Project Director
Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN) Secretariat
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
18F Three Cyberpod Centris, North Tower EDSA cor Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone nos: (632) 877-4072 to 76
Fax no: (632) 877-4099
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.