Discussion Papers

  DP 2019-12

Assessing the Readiness of Filipino MRA-supported Professions to Participate in the Mobility of Skilled Labor in the ASEAN Region: Lessons for APEC Economies

Rivera, John Paolo R., Cudia, Cynthia, P., and Tullao, Tereso Jr. S. 

  DP 2019-34

Assessing the Alignment of Philippine Higher Education with the Emerging Demands for Data Science and Analytics Workforce

Quismorio, Brenda A., Pasquin, Maria Antonette D., and Tayco, Claire S.

  DP 2018-07

Obstacles and Enablers of Philippine MSMEs Participation in Global Value Chains

Francisco, Jamil Paulo, Canare, Tristan A., and Labios, Jean Rebecca

  DP 2018-12

Duration of Export Relationships of Philippine MSMEs

Bautista, Mark Edison and Manzano, George

  DP 2018-13

Effect of Supply Chain Integration on the Business Performance and Competitiveness of the Philippine Small and Medium Enterprises

Borazon, Elaine Q. and Supangco, Vivien T.

  DP 2017-49

Mainstreaming SMEs: Promoting Inclusive Growth in APEC

Medalla, Erlinda M. and Mantaring, Melalyn C.

  DP 2016-03

Social Protection in APEC: In Pursuit of Inclusive Growth

Cuenca, Janet S.

  DP 2016-35

Australian SME Micro-Offshoring Opportunities in the Philippines: An Expanding Niche Market?

Ross, Peter K.




  DP 2015-29

Toward an Enabling Set of Rules of Origin for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Medalla, Erlinda M.

  DP 2015-33

Green and Gold: Promoting Eco-Adventure and Cultural Tourism for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Picazo, Oscar F.

  DP 2015-34

Evaluation of the APEC Environmental Goods Initiative: A Dominant Supplier Approach

Manzano, George N. and Prado, Shanti Aubren

  DP 2015-37

Doing Business: A Review of Literature and Its Role in APEC 2015

Mendoza, Ronald U., Canare, Tristan A., and Ang, Alvin

  DP 2015-38

Social Enterprise and Employment: Mainstreaming SMEs and Employment Creation

Lanzona, Leonardo Jr. A. 

DP 2014-21
Lanzona, Leonardo A. Jr.
DP 2014-08
La Viña Antonio G. M., Barcenas, Lai-Lynn, Lesaca Carla and Bobadilla, Liezel
DP 2014-05
Briones, Roehlano M. and Galang, Ivory Myka R.
DP 2014-04
Manzano, George N.
DP 2014-03
Israel, Danilo C.
DP 2012-38
Rosellon, Maureen Ane D. and Medalla, Erlinda M.
DP 2012-37
Medalla Erlinda M. and Rosellon Maureen Ane D.
DP 2012-17
Gatdula, Jeremy et al.
DP 2011-23
Balboa, Jenny D. and Medalla, Erlinda M.
DP 2011-22
Balboa, Jenny D. and Medalla, Erlinda M.
DP 2010-22
Iglesias, Gabrielle
DP 2010-19
Medalla, Erlinda M. et al.
DP 2010-13
Balboa, Jenny D. and Takenaka Shinji
DP 2010-12
Erlinda M. Medalla and Jenny D. Balboa
DP 2009-36
Erlinda M. Medalla and Jenny D. Balboa
DP 2009-13
Manzano, George and Bedaño, Myrene
DP 2008-20
Rodriguez, U-Primo
DP 2007-04
Medalla, Erlinda M. and Balboa, Jenny D.
DP 2006-15
Medalla, Erlinda M. and Balboa, Jenny D.
DP 2006-12
Tantuico, Delia S. 
DP 2006-11  
Kabigting, Leila C.
DP 2006-10
Rodolfo, Ceferino
DP 2006-09
Austria, Myrna S.
DP 2006-08
Rodolfo, Maria Cherry Lyn 
DP 2006-07
Tullao, Tereso Jr.
DP 2006-06
Rodriguez, U-Primo 
DP 2006-05
Cabanilla, Liborio
DP 2006-04
de Castro, Renato 
DP 2006-01
Lazaro, Dorothea C. and Medalla, Erlinda M. 
DP 2005-09
Tillah, Mirshariff 
DP 2005-08
Manulat, Eugenio J. Jr.
DP 2004-35  
Camacho, Jose V and Cuevas, Agham C., Jr.
DP 2004-34
Alcalde, Jhoana V. , Manalo, Niño Alejandro Q. , Valientes , Rodger M.
DP 2004-33
Zosa, Victorina
DP 2004-32  
Bello, Amelia L., Sumalde, Zenaida M.,Vega, Carlos Lorenzo L.
DP 2004-31  
Padojinog, Winston Conrad B.,Rodolfo, Maria Cherry Lyn S.
DP 2004-30  
Tamangan, Ronald J.,Habito, Cielito F.,Josef, Frances
DP 2004-29
Jose, Lydia Y.
DP 2004-28
Avila, John Lawrence V.
DP 2004-13
Maquito, Ferdinand,U, Peter Lee
DP 2004-11  
Tullao, Tereso Jr. S.,Cortez, Michael Angelo A.
DP 2004-10
Tan, Rosalina P.
DP 2004-09
Rodriguez, Ronald A.
DP 2004-08
Pasadilla, Gloria
DP 2004-07
Manzano, George
DP 2004-06
Escolar, Royce Elvin O.
DP 2004-01
Cororaton, Caesar B.
PASCN DP 2003-09
Solis, Susan
PASCN DP 2003-08
Rodolfo, Cherry Lyn
PASCN DP 2003-07
Bersales, Jose Eleazar
PASCN DP 2003-06
Cruz, Reil G.
PASCN DP 2003-05
Dulnuan, Juline
PASCN DP 2003-04
Alampay, Ramon Benedicto and Libosada Carlos M. Jr.
PASCN DP 2003-03
Velasco, Luis Rey and Cabanilla, Liborio 
PASCN DP 2003-02
Largoza, Gerard L.
PASCN DP 2003-01
Castillo, Eulogio T.
PASCN DP 2002-09
de Vera, Robert E.
PASCN DP 2002-08
U, Peter Lee
PASCN DP 2002-07
Cabanilla, Liborio
PASCN DP 2002-06
Avila, John Lawrence 
PASCN DP 2002-05
Austria, Myrna S.
PASCN DP 2002-04
Austria, Myrna S.
PASCN DP 2002-03
Pontines, Victor 
PASCN DP 2002-02
Udani, Zenon Arthur S.
PASCN DP 2002-01
Intal, Ponciano Jr. S. 
PASCN DP 2001-16
Villacorta, Wilfrido V.
PASCN DP 2001-15
Sereno, Ma. Lourdes 
PASCN DP 2001-14
Edralin, Divina M.
PASCN DP 2001-13
Ramirez, Veronica
PASCN DP 2001-12
Bernardo, Allan
PASCN DP 2001-11
Tullao, Tereso Jr.
PASCN DP 2001-10
Tullao, Tereso Jr., Calderon, Leila and Villanueva, Cheryl
PASCN DP 2001-09
Hapitan, Rene
PASCN DP 2001-08
Unite, Angelo and Sullivan, Michael
PASCN DP 2001-07
Manzano, George and Neri, Emilio
PASCN DP 2001-06
Intal, Ponciano Jr. S., Pontines, Victor and Mojica, Jitendra
PASCN DP 2001-05
Lanzona, Leonardo Jr. A,
PASCN DP 2001-04
Ancog, Amelia C.
PASCN DP 2001-03
Tecson, Gwendolyn
PASCN DP 2001-02
Canlas, Dante B.
PASCN DP 2001-01
Palanca, Ellen H. 
PASCN DP 2000-16
Terosa, Cid and Manzano, George 
PASCN DP 2000-15
Serafica, Ramonette 
PASCN DP 2000-14
Lee, Peter U.
PASCN DP 2000-13
Aldaba, Rafaelita M.
PASCN DP 2000-12
Austria, Myrna S.
PASCN DP 2000-11
Milo, Ma. Melanie R. S.
PASCN DP 2000-10
Medalla, Erlinda M. 
PASCN DP 2000-09
Abad, Anthony R.A.
PASCN DP 2000-08
Medalla. Erlinda M.
PASCN DP 2000-07
Teodosio, Virginia
PASCN DP 2000-06
Candelaria, Sedfrey M.
PASCN DP 2000-05
Tecson, Karen G., Magdaluyo, Raymund E., Batac, Ma. Victoria H., Genzia, Annabel T., Largo, Francisco M., Yuson-Pepito, Rusela, Abastar, Mario V. Reyes, Santiago and Suminggit, Vel J.
PASCN DP 2000-04
Aldaba, Fernando T.
PASCN DP 2000-03
Lanzona, Leonardo A.
PASCN DP 2000-02
Edralin, Divina M.
PASCN DP 2000-01
Tullao, Tereso S.
PASCN DP 1999‑25
Ancog, Amelia C.
PASCN DP 1999-24
Villacorta, Wilfrido V., Tullao Tereso S. and Unite, Angelo A.
PASCN DP 1999-23
Lim, Joseph Y.
PASCN DP 1999-22
Fabella, Raul
PASCN DP 1999-21
Tan, Rosalina
PASCN DP 1999-20
Palanca, Ellen H.
PASCN DP 1999-19
Cook, Malcolm
PASCN DP 1999-18
Avila, John Lawrence V.
PASCN DP 1999-17
Baviera, Aileen S. P.
PASCN DP 1999-16
Lim, Benito
PASCN DP 1999-15
Intal, Ponciano S. Jr. and Austria, Myrna S.
PASCN DP 1999-14
Lanzona, Leonardo A. Jr.
PASCN DP 1999-13
Lanzona, Leonardo A. Jr. and Macam, Marissa M.P.
PASCN DP 1999-12
Austria, Myrna S.
PASCN DP 1999-11
Luz, Juan Miguel
PASCN DP 1999-10
Pasadilla, Gloria
PASCN DP 1999-09
Aldaba, Fernando T.
PASCN DP 1999-08
Villacorta, Wilfrido and Unite, Angelo
PASCN DP 1999-07
Paderanga, Cayetano W. Jr.
PASCN DP 1999-06
Baviera, Aileen S.P.
PASCN DP 1999-05
Fabella, Raul
PASCN DP 1999-04
Manzano, George and Teroza Cid
PASCN DP 1999-03
Medalla, Erlinda M.
PASCN DP 1999-02
Tan, Michael L.
PASCN DP 1999-01
Jurado, Gonzalo
PASCN DP 1998-15
Austria, Myrna S.
PASCN DP 1998-14
Romea, Rodrigo Jr. and Carandang, Jose Godofredo Arturo
PASCN DP 1998-13
Macam, Marissa et al.
PASCN DP 1998-12
Dy, Rolando et al.
PASCN DP 1998-11
Macam, Marissa et al.
PASCN DP 1998-10
Aldaba, Rafaelita M.
PASCN DP 1998-09
Austria, Myrna S. and Paracuelles Euben C.
PASCN DP 1998-08
Chua, Johnson M.
PASCN DP 1998-07
Tanchuco, Joel
PASCN DP 1998-06
Macam, Marissa et al.
PASCN DP 1998-05
Macam, Marissa et al.
PASCN DP 1998-04
Quesada, Ramon et al.
PASCN DP 1998-03
Robielos, Ma. Teresa S.C.
PASCN DP 1998-02
Israel, Danilo C.
PASCN DP 1998-01
Austria, Myrna S.