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TBAM Members

Lead Agency:

  1. Department of Foreign Affairs
    1. Office of the Undersecretary for Civilian Security and Consular Concerns [CTWG]
    2. Office of Consular Affairs [BMG]

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Other Agencies:

  1. ABAC Philippines (under the Makati Business Club)
    1. Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) [CTWG]
      1. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas [FMP/SFOM]
        1. Bureau of Customs [SCCP/A2C2]
          1. Bureau of Immigration [BMG]
            1. Commission on Higher Education [HRDWG]
              1. Department of Agriculture [ATCWG/HLPDAB/PPFS]
                1. DA-BFAR [OFWG]
                2. DA-BAFS [HLPDAB]
              2. Department of Education (HRDWG)
                1. Department of Energy [EWG]
                  1. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
                    1. DENR-Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) [OFWG]
                    2. DENR-Forest Management Bureau (FMB) [EGILAT]
                    3. DENR-EMB [CD]
                    4. DENR-MGB [MTF]
                  2. Department of Finance [FMP]
                    1. Department of Health [LSIF / HWG]
                      1. Department of Justice [ACTWG]
                        1. Department of Labor and Employment [HRDWG]
                          1. DOLE-BLE
                        2. Department of Public Works and Highways
                          1. Department of National Defense [CTWG]
                            1. Department of Science and Technology [PPSTI/CSAM]
                              1. Department of Social Welfare and Development [GOFD/HRDWG]
                                1. Department of Trade and Industry
                                  1. DTI '' Management Services Group
                                    i. DTI-RGMS
                                    ii. DTI-IPO [IPEG]
                                    iii. DTI '' RE
                                  2. DTI '' Regional Operations Group
                                    i. DTI-BSMED [SMEWG]
                                  3. DTI '' Industry Development and Trade Policy Group
                                    i. DTI-BITR [CTI/MAG]
                                    ii. DTI-Bureau of Trade and Industry Policy Research (BTIPR)
                                    iii. DTI-E-Commerce Office (ECO) [ECSG]
                                  4. DTI-Competitiveness and Ease of Doing Business Group [EC FoTC EoDB CTI/TPTWG/TWG]
                                    i. DTI-BOI [IEG/AD/CD]
                                  5. DTI '' Consumer Protection Group
                                    i. DTI-BPS [SCSC]
                                    ii. DTI-Bureau of Import Services
                                2. Department of Transportation [TPTWG]
                                  1. Department of Tourism [TWG]
                                    1. Department of Information and Communications Technology [AHSGIE/TELWG]
                                      1. National Council on Disability Affairs [GOFD]
                                        1. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council [EPWG]
                                          1. National Economic and Development Authority [GOS/EC/EC FoTCs]
                                            1. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency [CTWG]
                                              1. National Privacy Commission [IPEG/ECSG]
                                                1. National Security Council (NSC) [CTWG]
                                                  1. National Telecommunications Commission [AHSGIE]
                                                    1. Office of the Ombudsman [ACTWG]
                                                      1. Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry [ABAC]
                                                        1. Philippine Commission on Women [PPWE]
                                                          1. Philippine Competition Commission [CPLG]
                                                            1. Philippine Institute for Development Studies [ASCC]
                                                              1. Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN)
                                                            2. Tariff Commission [SCCP/MAG]
                                                              1. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority [HRDWG]

                                                                (Definition; Roles and functions with respect to APEC; Activities, projects/programs, policies imposed; Links)