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During the Philippines’ APEC 2015 hosting, the APEC 2015 National Organizing Council (NOC) initiated the development of policy tools aimed at enhancing our capacity to craft responsive and evidence-based policy positions in APEC, as well as in other international fora. The initiative emanated from the observation that there is no single repository of knowledge on APEC. Knowledge is scattered across different agencies and among different officials and staff – as a particular agency, official or staff have specific issues that they attend to. The goal of the policy tools project was to gather all relevant documents and reports and synthesize them in an easily searchable and easy-to-use knowledge management system. The tools will provide policy makers with relevant information that will be useful in crafting Philippine positions and other related undertakings for APEC. The policy tools are also envisioned to be expanded to cover other international fora such as the ASEAN, UN, and WTO. The strategic policy tools are the following:

  • APEC Policy Database – envisioned to be a user-friendly and easily-searchable database of the policy positions taken by the APEC members on key issues tackled in APEC
  • PH Commitments Dashboard – a master list of Philippine commitments in APEC, with initial status of our compliance
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tool for PH Initiatives – an M&E tool that maps out the annual milestones necessary to translated the PH initiatives to concrete policies and programs and their intended outcomes

The policy tools can be accessed by partner agencies. Please contact Mr. Mark Anthony Barral to request access.
Email: mbarral@pids.gov.ph